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29-05-2022 Fairytale wedding: Rotterdam yogurt maker Hande marries German prince

The German prince Alexander van Mecklenburg (30) and the Turkish-Rotterdam Hande Macit (28) are getting married in Rotterdam in June. The tabloids, German and Turkish media have long speculated where and when the wedding would be.
The Turks-Rotterdam Hande Macit came to Rotterdam in 2018 to study. She liked it here so much that she stayed. Together with her brother Kerem, she started the yogurt brand Luwia in 2019. She also makes labneh, a kind of yogurt-like soft cheese. She makes the products herself from fresh milk from the De Kooi petting zoo.
The fairytale romance with her Prince Charming began in May 2019. At the Tulip Ball in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen, Hande met the German Alexander von Mecklenburg, heir to the Mecklenburg-Strelitz House. It turned out to be love at first sight, after an evening of ballroom dancing the sparks flew.
Although he is a real 'royal', Alexander is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is regularly on the farm with Hande to make cheese and yogurt. At the end of 2020, the couple announced that they were engaged.

Rotterdam yogurt maker Hande marries German prince
Marriage in Rotterdam
After months of speculation, the couple announced on Wednesday morning on Radio Rijnmond where their 'fairytale wedding' will be held: just here in Rotterdam. The exact location remains a secret for a while, but the two are already lifting a corner of the veil.
"We love Rotterdam", says Hande enthusiastically. "We have lived here for two years now. I came here to study and I stayed. I have really become a Rotterdammer." Her fiancé shares a love for the city, he moved to Rotterdam especially for Hande.
"It's great here. I'm really happy with the time we spent together. We could really focus on ourselves without the stress of everyday life. Working here on the farm was also a very positive experience," says Alexander.
Hande came to Rotterdam to study and fell in love with the city
Hande came to Rotterdam to study and fell in love with the city

Three parties
The two are now busy arranging everything for their wedding. "We haven't asked Aboutaleb yet," Hande laughs. "We have just completed all the forms, so everything is still very early."
In addition to the wedding in Rotterdam, the soon-to-be couple has planned two more parties. "First we have the wedding for friends and family. Then there will be a bigger celebration in Germany and later a party in Turkey because my grandmother can't come by plane," says Hande.

Turkish-Rotterdam Hande Macit and Prince Alexander von Mecklenburg are getting married
The Von Mecklenburgs are related to the Oranges, but Alexander does not expect King Willem-Alexander to be a guest at the wedding. "I think he's too busy," he laughs. "He doesn't know anything about it for now either. You are the first."

Catching a prince may be a dream for some women, but Alexander's blue blood is nothing more than an afterthought for Hande. "I know him as Alexander. That's how I met him. That he's a prince is a nice detail, but it's about him as a person. He is very sweet."
For now she is still just Hande Macit from Rotterdam and Turkey, but after her marriage she will be the first Turkish person ever to bear the title of Duchess. "That's exciting," she admits honestly. What is also exciting: there is no dress for the wedding in the Netherlands yet. The clothes for the party in Turkey and Germany have already been arranged, but Hande still has to try on some dresses for the ceremony in Rotterdam.
The exact date of the wedding is yet to be announced. Until then, Hande and Alexander will simply roll up their sleeves at their beloved petting zoo. As for Alexander, he is thus following in the footsteps of other royals: "Prince Charles also makes his own farm products!"

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