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23-10-2018 Gala Queen Maxima with the Stuart diamond pose for the statebanquet at Buckingham palace in London England during the 1st day of the 2 day statevisit to the United Kingdom.
Queen Máxima wearing the pear-shaped rose-cut diamond diadem/tiara known as the ‘Stuart’.
The diamond came into the family’s possession in 1690, shortly after the coronation of King Stadtholder William III and Queen Mary II. till in its rough form at that time, it was known as the ‘great stone’. Queen Mary had it cut into 22 facets (an ‘Amsterdam rose cut’).
Through the vicissitudes of inheritance it found its way to the stadtholder’s court in The Hague. The diamond briefly returned to England during the exile of stadtholder William V and his wife Wilhelmina of Prussia.
In 1879 Queen Regent Emma commissioned the firm J.M. Kempen and Sons to make a necklace, in which the Stuart diamond would feature as a pendant.
In anticipation of Wilhelmina’s investiture, Emma had Schürmann Jewellers in Frankfurt make a tiara with the Stuart diamond in its centre.
This 40-carat stone is known for its blue-grey colour.

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