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03-06-2020 Pavia Tobiassen with the kayak he has made for Crown Prince Frederik.
The handover of the kayak should take place during the Royal Run event in Nuuk in August - but during COVID-19 - it will take place next year.
Pavia Tobiassen is the chairman of the local kayak club in Nuuk - the capital of Greenland.
Pavia Tobiassen participated in the world's toughest skiing Arctic Circle Race in Sisimiut in 2016, where he met Crown Prince Frederik.
"I took this opportunity to have a talk with the Crown Prince and asked if he has tried to row a kayak.
- I told him that he should try a Greenlandic kayak when he has tried to drive a dog sled, and he was involved in that" Pavia Tobiassen says.


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