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12-01-2018 Denmark Ingolf af Rosenborg and Inge Terney Sussie Hjorhøy Pedersen during the opening of the Christmas market in Liljeborg.
Hans Excellence Ingolf, Count of Rosenborg (Ingolf Christian Frederik Knud Harald Gorm Gustav Viggo Valdemar Aage, until his marriage known as Prince Ingolf to Denmark) (born February 17, 1940) is a Danish Count and former Prince. He is the son of Arveprins Knud and Arve Princess Caroline-Mathilde, son of King Christian 10. and cousin of Queen Margrethe II.
During his upbringing, Ingolf was the prince of Denmark and was the likely heir to the Danish throne after Prince Knud's father, when the then faithful law only allowed men's throne, and Prince Knud's great brother, King Frederik 9. only had daughters. However, with the change of the Tronføleloven Act in 1953, a part of women's succession was introduced, [1] whereby Prince Knud's children took place in the succession of Frederick 9's daughters, and it became unlikely that Prince Ingolf would inherit the throne. When he married bourgeois in 1968, he completely lost his inheritance to the throne and got the title Count of Rosenborg.
Count Ingolf is a farmer and owns and runs the farm Egeland in Øster Starup Sogn between Kolding and Vejle. He is also major of the reserve in the Royal Livgarde. He receives an annual salary, which in 2007 was 1.3 million kr.

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